Practical Tips for Beginners

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From the introduction:
"This eBook grew out of a need that I identified when a few
friends and family members bought DSLR cameras and
 began asking for advice about using their new gear. Usually 
they’d taken a few pictures and were disappointed with the
 results, and in diagnosing their images I found myself repeating 
the same analogies, advice and techniques. 
Probably 80% of these questions were along the lines of,
“Why are my pictures blurry?” and, “Why are my photos so
This book is a collection of a few things I wish I’d known
 when I was just starting out, and it contains the things I tell
 friends and family when they ask me the questions above. It’s 
intended to provide beginning photographers with practical
 advice and a little technical knowledge to help them gain an
 understanding of what they can do to improve their photos at 
a basic level."